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Most match racing events use equipment that is supplied by the event organizers and they will ensure they are as equal as possible. In order to ensure fair play, a random draw is conducted to decide which team sails in which boat each day and during a round robin stage the crews will swap boats between their pairings after each odd numbered match. At Nations Cup 2013 Grand Final the crews will be sailing two different boat types: Men/DS37's/Match28's and Women/Match28's. 




The DS 37 One-Design Match-Racer is considered a next-to-perfect boat for match racing. It is a powerful boat, sailed by a crew of 5. The boat is incredibly manoeuvrable for its size.

  • Length Overall: 11.25m
  • Main sail: 39 sqm.
  • Jib light: 24 sqm.
  • Jib heavy: 31 sqm.
  • Spinnaker: 87 sqm.

Match 28

Match 28-match-racing


The Match 28 is af modern keel-boat, which ideally can be used by elite sailors as well as less experienced sailors. It has the perfect size for a 5 person crew.

  • Length Overall: 8.4m
  • Mainsail: 23.7 sqm.
  • Jib light: 19.4 sqm.
  • Jib heavy: 12.6 sqm.
  • Spinnaker: 57.4 sqm.